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Any Skagit Valley apple grower will tell you that Jonagold apples have the most intense apple flavor. Of all the varieties grown in Washington State, it ranks near the top in acid and sugar content. Local farmers will also tell you that the marine influence of Northern Puget Sound and the rich soils of the Skagit Valley create ideal conditions for growing Jonagolds—arguably the finest on the planet. Red Barn Cider’s Jonagold Semi-Dry is made from tree ripened apples, hand picked at peak sugar content. The juice is fermented all winter, and after clearing, is bottled in the spring. Some juice from the harvest is frozen and added back at bottling time to give it a hint of sweetness and a bit of that fresh apple snap.

Skagit grown is Skagit’s own!

All Red Barn Ciders are available in 750ml bottles.
Several products are also available in 5 gallon party kegs.