Multimedia/video editing

SOTA/RVI Backend video — A quick and dirty demo video for RVI utilizing SOTA (Software Updates Over The Air), and the supplementary software. This was produced and shot in a morning and edited that afternoon. Voice over and demonstration by Kelly Johnson.

SOTA Update demo video — A graphic video for RVI utilizing SOTA (Software Updates Over The Air). This demo displays an update in process, voice over by Kelly Johnson.

F-type RVI application demo video — a quick Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) demo video with footage shot by Jon Simms, voice over by Kelly Johnson, demonstration by yours truly.

Parnassus Project — a joint venture by Bellevue College students Barbara, Ruthie Bly, Danny Larsen, Alex Stout, and Chris Knowles under the initial guidance of Robert Backstrand, the Bellevue College multimedia instructor and film industry professional. Filming involved green-screening, dolly work, scaffolding for overhead shots, and on-location shooting. Post-production work done in AfterEffects and Adobe Premiere.

Bold Burglar — student editing/streaming project using professional footage, editing in Final Cut Pro. This project had a parameter of 30 seconds

Termination Sample Part 1 — a completely graphic (no film production involved) video created for an educational training series. This would be accompanied by an audio track.

Termination Sample Part 2 — see prior description.

Webcast Introduction — a completely graphic (no film production involved) video introduction for a webcast/webinar series. These were also customized for the beginning of each video in the series, which was edited traditionally (not available for viewing unless the course is paid for). Created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere.

Webcast Conclusion — please see prior description.

Le Poof — a student project created for the purpose of becoming comfortable with shot lists, three point lighting, and different camera angles for the accompanying shots. The was one of the first pieces I did, very simplistic but humorous.

Please see my Youtube channel for more videos.