Email Marketing Campaign

This was a twice weekly email promotion created for Pacific Northwest Tax School in 2012 and 2013, providing information on upcoming courses, sales, and reminding subscribers of federal tax accountant accreditation deadlines. The framework used was Drupal with Tiny MCE. Course sales did gradually increase. Challenges included the following:

  • Some webmail clients (including Gmail, which was the primary email client for the subscribers here) do not support CSS style sheets, or style tags, and some email clients wrap every <a> tag with a <span> tag. Therefore flexbox is not possible to use for responsive design, due to the fact that the parent element has certain attributes that apply to the child. Inline styling was the best option.
  • Specific words used could be blacklisted by Gmail, so email tests were required to create the perfect balance of text until each piece was acceptable.
  • Creatively displaying something eye-catching for much of the same content, week after week
  1. Promotional email
  2. Promotional email
  3. Promotional email
  4. Promotional email
  5. Promotional email